Successful Careers




Assisting you to become more successful in your career

through job placement, upgrading skills and entrepreneurship

Job Placement

EPI has placed 2,500+ candidates in jobs. We have top recruiters working hard to ensure proper job placement.

Company Recruitment

EPI forges relationships with many companies throughout the tristate area. Our recruiters work hard to match the right candidates with the right career.

Vocational Training

EPI offers numerous classes in various vocational fields to help clients secure employment.

Loan Program

EPI assists start up businesses and provides mentors and match funding up to $25K in with an interest-free loan for qualifying businesses.

Business Mentorship

EPI couples businesses seeking mentorship with successful business people that volunteer their time and expertise.

Funding Opportunities

EPI matches businesses that are looking for mezzanine funding with businessmen looking for likeminded investments.

Facts and Figures


Attendees at EPI sponsored job fairs


Candidates placed since 2009


Loans Granted


Gemach Business Loans


People employed by loan recipients


I have watched Zisha for a good number of years now‐ anyone who has been fortunate to have his acquaintance will be blessed by the association

Jonathan R.

No one has ever left a meeting with Zisha Novoseller without being enhanced with his experience, gained insight from his wisdom , or been encouraged by his effervescent personality.

Neal T.

I walked into EPI with little hope for the future and emerged refreshed and re‐motivated to work on a new career. EPI helped me land a new job and I am supporting my family again. Thank you

Mordy K.

EPI sent me to class, rewrote my resume, and encouraged me to network. They were instrumental in helping me find a career that has been a life changer for my family.

Rivka G.